Wednesday, July 26, 2006


(for those of you [Deb] who go to both of my main blogs, this is a repeat since I was going to say pretty much the same thing on both sites)

One and a half hours sleep, a foot doctor appointment and a small emergency this morning has thrown off my entire day. I’ve only managed to get through the “Mi’s” on my blog list, so we’ll see if the internet holds up after mom goes to bed so I can finish.

The small emergency. Well, I was getting mom ready to go to the doctor’s and she sat on the bed, only she sat too close to the edge and slid off onto the floor. You have to understand that my mom weighs around 183 lbs and all of that is dead weight. One hip is immobile and both legs are riddled with arthritis, so she can’t help me at all. Furthermore, the Alzheimer’s prevents her from fully understanding the simplest of instructions, so my getting her up by myself was impossible. I tried the neighbors house as there are two young strapping gentlemen living there (I think Stephen is 16 and Brian is around 20 – I’ve known them since Stephen was in diapers). No go – those two boys could sleep through an elephant stampede. So I had to call 911. And would you think that at least one of those firemen would be young and sexy? No chance. Mom is okay, btw. Anyway, they got her up and I had her rest for a while before attempting the dressing thing again. While they were in the room it became apparent that that dresser has to go – there would have been no way to get an ambulance gurney next to her bed. So, once again, I’ll have to put-off finishing the study to work on emptying out her chest of drawers and transferring clothes to her dresser. Then we have to get that sucker out of there. Doctor’s appointment went well, and she was up for the day. That only left time for a short nap and I am exhausted, so I'm off to bed early.


Anonymous Deb Peterson said...

I'm glad you called 911--just so you don't hurt yourself! And don't worry about the blog list--read what you can, but don't let that become another obligation. We all need days off. It's good to be in touch with folks--I know it lifts my spirits--but look after yourself, Eve. Good to hear the doctor's appt. went well and I hope you get some rest.

Tue Jul 25, 08:31:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous michaelm said...

Thought I'd stop by and check out your blog, Bailey.
As I thought, all stuff I relate to 100%.
I understand the frustration associated with getting them to understand intructions.
My father had to go for a colonoscopy years ago and the doctors told me he must have an enema beforehand. Long story short, no one would give my father the enema so I decided that I would instruct him and let him do it himself. Yeah, right.
Ultimately, yours truly had to get intimate with his father that day and truth be told, I had him laughing hysterically about it later. A bit of a gruesome tale but a tale nonetheless. Oh, the things he and I have been through.
I'll be by to visit again.

~Michaelm (Smoke and Mirrors)

Sun Aug 06, 11:54:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

Hmmmm, sort of like when the doctor said "you could give her a suppository to calm her stomach." Um, I think I'll stick with the graham crackers and ginger ale thankyouverymuch, I've had enough intimacy for a while.

Thank you for dropping by.

Sun Aug 06, 12:10:00 PM CDT  

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