Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Baaaaaack

Sorry I sort of dropped off the radar there, but I just needed some distance from AD for a few days and since I couldn't do it physically I just decided to pretend it didn't exist. With mom sleeping close to 18 hours a day it wasn't that hard to do. But now it's back to reality.

Went to see about the hospital bed on Friday. The woman seemed to think we would get it, so that's done. Mom's eating has improved a little - but even a little is better than before. She had a so-so day yesterday. One of my father's sisters dropped by for a short visit, which was good for her. Not too many people call or visit anymore - not even the grandchildren (but that's another rant).

And a word about mom's doctor. So he doesn't like me - I'll deal with it. I don't want to change doctors for two reasons - the least important one being my agoraphobia which sends me into panic attacks at the thought of going to a new place, etc; the number one reason is that this man has been my mother's doctor for close to 20 years - no other doctor will ever know her so well and he treats her like a queen. I just have to trust that he has his reasons for not wanting to put her on those drugs right now.

Didn't Michael do a great job with the new Webring whatever you call it (not enough coffee yet)? I think it's perfect.

That's it for today, more later - I'm still trying to wake up.


Blogger Gail Rae said...

Sooo good to be reading you again, Bailey! I know you have other websites, but this is the one that means something to me, personally, so it's the one I always check.

Mon Aug 14, 09:19:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

My main blog (Long and Writing Road) is really only of interest to those who read or write romances, so I completely understand, although people who write other genres do show up because I guess the writing journey is pretty much the same. I wouldn't expect my "AD" group to show up there - well, except Deb every once in a while - that's where we met. My agoraphobia one (Just Little Steps) is pretty much an ignored step-child that I forget is even there and am often surprised to get an email notification that someone has commented. *rolls eyes* And Isn't it Romantic is my romance review site.

Mon Aug 14, 09:43:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Mona Johnson said...

Hi Bailey,

Glad you're back blogging, although I wish you could have a longer respite from AD issues...

Tue Aug 15, 07:04:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

I think we all would like that.

Tue Aug 15, 08:49:00 PM CDT  

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